More Deceit Fun

Galad picks up some easy loot at the Bone Wall in Deceit.

Galad-igan’s Isle

Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a looter's prank.

Factions Test

Galad journeys to the Test Center shard to give factions a try.

In Danger of Collapsing

Galad and Acid camp two IDOC houses in Felucca and get more than they bargained for.

Galad Helps a New Tamer

Galad helps a new tamer get control of his animals.

Bailed Out by a Counselor

Galad loses over 5k of gold when a newbie pages a counselor for help.

Never Wear Valorite in Deceit

It's always a mistake to hunt monsters in full valorite plate when Galad is around.

Looting in Deceit

A newbie makes the mistake of leaving his loot bag on a monster's corpse.

Galad Loses His Touch

Eavesdroppers at the bank prevent Galad from gating a newbie to certain doom.

Looting Blood Elementals in Shame

Galad has an angry run-in while stealing blood elemental loot in Shame.

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